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ELITE Construction Systems has completed many shingle roof systems , metal roof systems, and flat roof systems in the Owensboro area. We have worked with home owners, architects, general contractors, and temco, all in the process of delivering high quality roofing systems. The preferred roofing contractor in Owensboro. Our a1 roofing team will have a pro finish of every roofing job we complete. 

We are commited to the proper bidding process and we will to get the job done on time and within budget.Temco We are experts in installing a wide variety of residential and commercial roofing products and systems in Owensboro Ky. One of the best roofing companies in our area.

Roofing System Types
• Metal Roofing

• Re-roof
• Roof Repair
• Shingles
• Flat Roofs

How much can I afford
Coastal- Savannah Your roof roof is one of the most important parts of the home. With a lifetime GAF Timberline shingle it is more likely that it will be the last roof the house will need. We are accustomed to the competitive bidding process and we possess the three genartions of knowledge to get the job done on time and within budget                                
Budget. We are experts in installing a wide variety of residential roofing products and systems. If a roofing contractor offers financing options, it is a good sign they are more reputable. To offer finacing a roofing contractor must meet guide line set by the financial institution. A roofing company with a fully operational office building and showroom is a strong sign of the level of professionalism you will receive from that roofing company. Roofing companies that operate from a garage or building at there home , or property next to home, Statistically, have a larger percentage of failing . Contractors that offer a large variety of specialized work are more likely to have higher complaints then a contractor that specializes in 1-3 trades.

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Roofing Inspections
Owensboro Roofing, if requested will do roofing inspections for residential & commercial properties.

Only those who meet the standards by testing and back ground checks qualify for a state license. We have a Certified Roofing license for the state of Kentucky.

Metal/Steel Roofs
We install and repairs metal/steel roofs with color blends to compliment any exterior.

Coastal ConstructionStone Coated Steel Roofs
We install and repairs metal/steel roofs with color blends to compliment any exterior.

The Perfect Roof in 12 steps
How to shingle a roof.
Quaility roofing is very important. step 1 tear off your existing shingles down to the decking , step 2 Replace any damaged or rotted decking , step 3 install upgraded underlayment like shingle-mate , step 4 install new heavy gauge drip edge , step 5 install rubberized membranes like Weather Watch as per manufactures specifications , step 6 install a lifetime shingle with a 130 mile per hour wind rating like GAF Timberline HD , step 7 install a ridge vent like Cobra 3 ridge vent system , step 8 install a upgraded ridge cap like Timber - Tex , step 9 install lead pipe flashing on all PVC wet vents on the home , step 10 paint the lead flashing to match your new shingles like GAF shingle - match paint , step 11 pressure test your new roof , step 12 remove all job related debris and run a super magnet This 12 step process is the key to a perfect roofing system

Owensboro Roofing How To Spot Roof Trouble
Your Owensboro roof is not permanent. It needs care. You can give it that care by knowing what problems to look for and how and when to get professional help.

Too often it is taken for granted that as long as a roof isn't leaking, it must be in good condition. This is not necessarily so. That's why you want to take action now to help assure a long life for your Owensboro roof.

The best way for you to minimize Owensboro roof repair bills is to prevent damage before it occurs. This means periodic inspections, either from the ground or on a ladder. Look for danger signs like:

• Missing or cracked shingles
• Debris on the roof
• Clogged gutters and drains
• Severe weathering
• Curled shingles or other fatigued roofing materials
• Indoors check for leaks or damp areas and stains on ceilings

A newer Owensboro roof should be inspected annually while a roof that is eight to ten years old should be inspected more often. If you are unable to safely make an inspection yourself, have a roofing contractor do it for you. The cost is reasonable, and it could prevent later unnecessary repairs.

Owensboro RoofingRepairing a Owensboro Roof
The proper repair of modern roofing systems frequently requires specialized knowledge, the application of new technologies and highly specific skills. It therefore cannot be over-emphasized that repairs should only be undertaken by a professional roofing contractor who knows how best to deal with the problem at hand. Temco

If your Owensboro roof is relatively new and has developed only a minor leak, normally it can be easily corrected. Owensboro Roofing that has been damaged or has blown away can be replaced, and leaks around flashing's can be repaired.

If there is any damage done to the roof resulting from storms, hail, flying debris, or by other tradesmen working on your completed roof, you should notify your roofing contractor immediately.

When To Re-Roof
If your Owensboro roof is beyond repair or repair costs are excessive, re-roofing is the best solution. Most counties have adopted re-roofing codes to define specific requirements necessary to re-roof a structure. All competent roofing contractors are familiar with and comply with these codes. When re-roofing, the condition of the roof structure and its supports should be inspected for damage and repaired as needed. Hidden damage or dry rot not discernible at the time of the inspection may result in additional cost to the owner.

Coastal  Construction- SavannahWe are certified installers in Kentucky of Metal ERoofs, Owensboro Metal Roofing, Owensboro Roof Repair, Vinyl Siding, Owensboro Sun Rooms, Windows. We also are experts in Room Additions, Owensboro Vinyl and Stone Siding, Deck & Patio Enclosures, Carports, windows and more. We are licensed and insured certified general contractors serving all of Southeast Kentucky. We are providers of unsurpassed quality and time efficiency in all home improvement projects.

Over the years, Owensboro has improved the look and quality of custom homes, Owensboro sunrooms, home additions, apartments, Owensboro condos, and Owensboro commercial buildings. If you are building, adding an addition, or in need of a renovation give us a call for a free estimate.

We install roofs and windows in all of Owensboro  and more, in both residential and commercial projects.

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